How this thing works...

1. Rock Your Goat

It's time to get creative. Think goat couture! We don’t pretend to know how you like your goat rocked. It's up to you to design your goat. Each goat has a place in our herd of fame waiting for it, so get bespoke with your goat!

2. Make A Donation

With every goat you rock, your donation to the Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation will support programmes with smallholder farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries. In return you'll receive a Certificate of Authenticity for every goat you rock. And not forgetting a prestigious place in the Herd Of Fame!

3. Give your goat

Fed up with buying the same pair of socks for Uncle Ted every year? Still in need of that perfect Secret Santa? Or just for your own amusement? Well we're helping you mix it up with this season's ultimate charity Christmas gift that keeps on goat-ing.


The Cafédirect Producers’ Foundation (CPF) is a small pioneering UK charity that works with smallholder farmers in some of the world’s poorest countries and remotest regions.

We were set up to be led by farmers for farmers. We believe in their know-how and expertise and therefore, our approach promotes farmers as leaders and designers of their own programmes. We support them to develop innovative solutions to the challenges they face and ultimately improve their lives for the long term.

Our current programmes reach ~280,000 smallholder tea, coffee and cocoa farmers located across Africa, Latin America & Asia

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